Ready to Build a Successful Concierge Business… But Would Like Some Help?

You would never expect a world class athlete to have gotten to the top of their sport without extensive coaching.  The same is true in the business world.

Coaching and training is the single most cost effective way to raise the level of performance for your business.

What if you always knew exactly what to do to grow your business?  

What if you had someone at your side to make sure your marketing was working and your sales were continually growing? 

What would it be like to know that you were on track to reach your five year goals?

A coach is your partner in growing your business.  Our Certified Concierge coaching program ensures that day in and day out you are making the right business decisions.

The program includes:

  • Coaching & training from concierge specialists, all of whom have built their own successful concierge businesses
  • Training from industry leading marketing firms on how to run effective marketing campaigns and GET CUSTOMERS
  • Monthly webinars on everything from concierge business basics to the hottest trends in the industry.
  • Monthly Q & A with your concierge business coach to keep you on track, work through any obstacles you are currently facing, and make sure you are always taking the right actions.
  • Coaching on pricing, customer service & retention, employee management, marketing tricks, bookkeeping, systematizing your business, and more!
  • Access to a continuous stream of new members only articles & information, keeping you on top of the industry, best practices, and how to grow your business quickly.

Our Certified Concierge coaching program is the most comprehensive, ongoing training solution available for building your concierge business. Our coaches’ years of experience in the concierge field mean that you can avoid mistakes and start making money from day one.


Amazing Investment: Only $29

We also know that when starting your concierge business, you want to keep expenses to a minimum.

So we are offering all of this — the trainings, webinars, personal Q&A calls, articles — all of it for just $29 a month.

It is month to month so there is no obligation and no risk.  Just an amazing team at your side every day helping you to grow your business!

Why the “Certified Concierge”?

Now for the BEST PART!  Active participants in Certified Concierge Program will be eligible to become certified concierges!

Your business can display our Gold Certified Concierge logo on your website, business cards, online directory listings, marketing pieces, and anywhere else that you promote your business.  This will lend instant recognition and an air of credibility to your business.

In addition, we will list all Gold Certified Concierge firms in our online directory, ensuring that any potential clients who look you up will be immediately reassured of the high quality of service that your business provides.

Becoming certified isn’t mandatory.  Many concierges join the Certified Concierge Program just for the training and growth they experience in their businesses.  But if you are already part of the program, here are the other requirements.  Once you meet these, you become Gold Certified!

  • Complete application
  • Provide proof of business entity
  • Maintain 3 months of active training (attending monthly webinars)
  • Maintain 3 months of active coaching (participating in monthly Q&A calls)
  • Provide 2 letters of recommendation from clients

This certification program gives growing concierge businesses an easy way to add to their credibility and earn customers’ trust.

Public certification is a huge bonus to the Certified Concierge Training Program! For only $29 / month you get expert training and coaching every month.  Webinars on the hottest topics, regular articles on best practices from finding customers to running your business, expert coaching calls to address any personal obstacles your business faces, and now certification!

JOIN NOW while membership to this exclusive program is still open!