About Instant Concierge

Kathryn Collett is the owner of At Your Service of St. Louis County, LLC, a successful personal concierge business in Missouri. At Your Service has had phenomenal growth, more than doubling its client base and revenues each year of operations. After just three years, At Your Service billings were in the six figures. Kathryn holds a Master’s Degree in Management, with an emphasis on marketing. Before launching At Your Service, Kathryn worked for more than 25 years’ as the vice president of marketing for a local television station. Juggling multiple deadline-sensitive projects, managing million dollar+ budgets, and directing creative staff members gave her the training necessary to own and operate her own successful personal concierge business.

Whether you’re just now exploring how to start a concierge business or you’re an established concierge with years of experience under your belt, The Instant Concierge can put you on the road to success instantly!

The Instant Concierge has everything you need to launch and operate your personal concierge business. Just add your company name, your logo, and your contact information to our specially-developed forms and plans. From start-up to follow-up, The Instant Concierge gives you instant credibility with everything you need to operate your company professionally at your fingertips!

Practical! Professional! Profitable!

Our eBook At Your Service: Shortcuts To Success As A Personal Concierge answers every question you have now and some you probable haven’t even thought of yet.

Plus, we’ll help you develop a fully-customized website at a fraction of what you’d pay a third party developer. Don’t rely on someone to create a cookie-cutter website for you from a template they’ve used over and over for plumbers, realtors, insurance salesmen, etc.   Trust the Instant Concierge—we know first-hand how to start a concierge service website that’s unique and gets the results you’re looking for.

Why waste time trying to `do it yourself’ when the groundwork’s already been laid for you?

The Instant Concierge was developed by Kathryn Collett, owner of At Your Service of St. Louis County LLC, a successful concierge business in Missouri. Kathryn’s twenty-five years’ experience as a vice president for a media conglomerate was invaluable as she built her concierge business from the ground up.

“I couldn’t find a blueprint anywhere, so I literally started from ground zero. I learned something from every mistake I made—and I made hundreds along the way,” said Kathryn.

“Why should anyone else wanting to know how to start a concierge service re-create similar forms, a business plan, even a website, when it’s already available? It took me months on end to create and perfect these materials. Everything in The Instant Concierge is a proven winner. If I told you how many thousands of dollars I wasted on advertising and mailings and brochures and web pages that just didn’t work, it would make you cringe. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen to anyone else. With The Instant Concierge fewer dollars will go into development, which means more dollars will flow through to the bottom line.”

“Anyone who wants to know how to start a concierge service should download The Instant Concierge, read the eBook, and definitely get the website option. 90% of my new business comes directly from my website, so I think it’s a necessity if you want to be successful.”

“I tell people The Instant Concierge is a fast-track to profitability.”