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The personal concierge business – and how to start a concierge business – are currently some of the country’s best kept secrets.  It is a $1 billion industry that is growing exponentially every year.  And best of all, there is almost no competition out there!

If you want a start-up that puts you firmly in charge of your future with minimal cash investment, low overhead, and hot marketplace, then guess what?  Demand for personal concierge services is exploding and right now the best time ever to start a new concierge business.

But this doesn’t mean that if you just open your doors then you’ll automatically rake in boatloads of money.

Here’s my story: Three years ago I launched my own concierge business. I had a dream, a business plan, and 25 years’ marketing experience as a Vice President for a major media conglomerate under my belt. Unfortunately, that still wasn’t enough to protect me from making hundreds of mistakes and wasting valuable time and thousands of dollars along the way.

The problem was that I couldn’t find any real-world advice on exactly how to start a concierge business.  There was no tested concierge business plan available, no manuals on how to start a concierge business and, well, practically speaking no information at all on starting a concierge business.  The good new is that once I finally figured out the tricks of the trade, things quickly turned around.  My company’s revenues are now blowing the roof off and my current billings are topping last year’s by a phenomenal 149%!

This is why I created Instant Concierge. Now Kiplinger, Business News Daily, Start Up Nation and many other leading publications are highlighting the personal concierge industry as one of the hottest business opportunities out there. So I want to do my part to help new concierges avoid the costly mistakes that I made.

The Instant Concierge is a practical, tested and proven blueprint for how to start a concierge business. It gives you step-by-step advice on how to successfully start a concierge service.  The Instant Concierge makes sure you’ll avoid the countless (and expensive) mistakes that new concierges always make.  It will get your business up, running, and profitable immediately!

A practical how-to guide giving you advice, tips, and insight on the best ways to expand your market and bring more $$$ to your bottom line.

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New Year check-list for your concierge business website

Nothing will build your concierge business as fast as a professional, searchable, well-designed website...

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Today we are seeing the term “concierge” popping up everywhere. There are concierge physicians, concierges in shopping malls, at universities, banks, even at car dealerships. From New York to Los Angeles, the demand for personal concierge services is exploding. If you’re ready to make the leap into entrepreneurship and business ownership, now is the perfect time!

With all of this, the most common mental image of a personal concierge is a personal assistant, someone who‘s been hired to run errands, or a lifestyle manager. Perhaps you see a concierge as a coordinator of parties. Maybe you envision a concierge as someone who ferrets out the best trades people, hires them to do work for someone else, and then oversees their work. Or maybe in your mind a concierge is a house or estate manager.

But the best definition of a concierge service is a company that helps clients save time, reduce their stress, and lead more focused lives.

This means that you have a great deal of freedom in how to start your concierge business. The framework you choose is yours and the clientele you serve is entirely up to you. You can decide to work only in home environments or strictly for small businesses. You can limit your time to a few clients or expand your client base into the hundreds. You can operate your company in a quiet area of your home or find office space to lease. You can be local, national, or even international. The choices are yours. If you’re focused, smart, hard-working, and ambitious, your concierge business will be profitable.

These choices are up to you. But regardless of what clientele you choose to serve, there are critical steps for starting a concierge service.

Do you have what it takes to be a successful personal concierge? Where do you start? How much cash investment will you need to launch your new company? How will you connect with your first customers? What do you need to include in your website? What are your chances for success? How will you keep track of your clients, their needs and preferences? What about payment issues? How much of your budget should you allocate to advertising? Are you ready to learn how to start a concierge business?

The Instant Concierge helps you find the answers to all these questions and much, much more.

Created from the first-hand experiences of a tremendously successful personal concierge, materials included in The Instant Concierge program will save you time and money. The Instant Concierge takes you step-by-step as you choose the legal structure of your company, create a business plan specific to the concierge industry, define a profitable and rewarding personal service niche, and much more.

The Instant Concierge helps you hit the ground running. No hit or miss. No testing new theories. No creating an invoice or a form to collect personal information from your clients…everything has been done for you and will be provided to you. You choose the package that’s right for you—the more inclusive the package you choose, the faster your company will be up and running, bringing in new customers and profits to your new company’s bottom line.