Concierge Business Manual

What will you get with the Concierge Business Manual?  This is your step by step guide on starting a concierge service, including:

  • Information on how to form your business legally, but in the most personally expedient manner
  • Commit to the 20 Essential Standards For Success
  • Learn the 10 steps to turning a `maybe’ into a `yes’
  • Get the key to pricing your services—and find out why you should never undercut your competitors
  • Locate start-up money and learn how to create a launch budget
  • Get the simple steps necessary to create the perfect website
  • Shift your social media vehicles like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest from simple client communications into revenue-builders
  • Turn your prospects into prosperity
  • Develop a referral machine that works for you
  • The Who, What, When, and Sometimes, Why of managing requests
  • Real-life responses for handling complaints, unhappy customers, and difficult people
  • And much more


From years in the industry, we have found that the concierge business manual is the essential first step for any new concierge business owner. We have also found that even with all of the right information, new concierges have questions about what approach, what services, and what brand identity will be best for them.

So we have included with the Concierge Business Manual a full hour coaching with our lead concierge business expert. This coaching is regularly purchased for $100/hour by owners of existing concierge business to help them improve their revenue.  But to make sure that you are starting off on the right foot from day one with your business, we have thrown an hour of one-on-one personal coaching in at no cost.

Whether you’re just setting up shop or you’re a seasoned personal concierge, At Your Service: Shortcuts To Success As A Personal Concierge is a practical how-to guide giving you advice, tips, and insight on the best ways to expand your market and bring more $$$ to your bottom line.  This is an essential read for anyone interested in starting a concierge business that rakes in money!

Special bonus chapter!
Exclusive and only available in the digital version

99 valuable resources to make your job as a personal concierge easier and
keep your clients 100% satisfied!