Your Complete Concierge Business

We specialize in launching successful concierge companies, and this package has it all!

In today’s marketplace, having a professional company identity is critical for making sales.  You potential customers want to do business with a company that they can trust.  If they see a low quality, template website or flimsy black and white business cards they will quickly discount you.  But if you present customers with a professional company face — a modern logo, impressive website, and matching business cards — they will see you as a successful business that they can trust.

Who are you as a concierge?

Today’s marketplace is crowded.  So to get your customers’ attention you need to look professional and unique.  If your company looks no different from any other business, customers will have no reason to favor you.  But if your business identity makes you stand out from the pack as unique, different, and offering exactly what your customers need, then it will be easy to attract customers.

Our Complete Concierge Business package includes 3 full hours of one-on-one consulting to help you identify your perfect niche.  We help you to analyze who you want to serve, what they need the most, and how that matches what you can offer.  Based on this, we identify a unique company identity (or BRAND) that will make you stand out and quickly attract customers.

Designing Your Brand (Logo & Business Cards)

We work closely with you to create the perfect brand for your company.  After the initial consultation, we create a set of fully custom designed logo concepts for your review.  We then work together (offering UNLIMITED LOGO DESIGNS and design revisions) to revise and perfect your logo.

Once the logo is exactly as you want it, we follow the same process to create your business cards.  We offer unlimited custom business card designs, but most importantly we are always focused on your unique company identity.  We create business cards that will grab customers’ attention, getting them to ask questions and remember your company.

Once this is done, we will print your custom two sided business cards in full color on thick paper stock, and ship them directly to your door.

Building Your Custom Website

Today the first thing new customers are going to do is look you up online.  Many times they make their decisions about whether they will hire you before you even speak with them.  So it is critical to have a modern, clean, and easy to use website.

Based on your input, we create a set of fully custom designed website concepts for your review.  Because all of our websites are 100% custom built, we can include absolutely any look, any layout, and any design elements that you want.  We then work together (offering UNLIMITED WEBSITE DESIGNS and design revisions) to revise and perfect your site.

With the site we include everything you need to come across as a professional company.  We will add visual interest, a modern look, and effective branding to your site by placing a dynamic slideshow on your home page.  You will be able to connect with your customers (and show yourself as a leader in the field) with a custom blog

To make sure customers can easily find you (and that you are continually making more and more sales from Google) we optimize your website to be easily found by search engines.

And best of all we give you control over your website — and help you save tons of money on website updates — by giving you an easy to use system for updating your website. We then provide full training on how to easily change content, add pages, remove pages, and much more all by yourself!

In the end you have a modern, fully customized, start of the art online marketing machine for your business!

Your Complete Concierge Business for an INCREDIBLE PRICE

We were selling this complete concierge business package for $6,000.  With a custom logo, full business card design & printing, and a custom, SEO optimized website this price was well below the competition.

But for a limited time we have decided to make an unprecedented offer.  We have discounted this package to only $3,196.

We are doing this because we truly believe that owning your own business can change your life and the lives of your family. We are running this special New Year’s Sale to help people who are looking to get started changing their lives in 2014.

So for a limited time we are offering this package for just four monthly payments of $799.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We know the quality of the service that we are offering.  In fact, we are so confident that you will LOVE the Complete Concierge Business Package that we will back it up with a 100% MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.  That’s right: if you feel like our logo, business card, of website designs aren’t up to snuff then we will give you a full refund, no questions asked!

BIG Bonus: Concierge Starter Package

Day in and day out we sell the Concierge Starter Package for $399.

We believe that this business system is so essential for all new concierges that we have decided for a limited time to include it for FREE with the Complete Concierge Business Package.  To see everything that is included visit the Concierge Starter Package page, but here are a few highlights:

  • One of the only step by step business manuals for concierge owners
  • Nearly 100 business forms customized, tested, and proven to meet the unique demands of the personal concierge industry
  • Your concierge business plan & marketing plan templates
  • Telephone scripts for talking to new customers, pitching your story to the local media, even answering complaints
  • Exclusive rate survey from personal concierge businesses around the world
  • And much more

Change Your Life Today

The concierge industry is one of the hottest markets today.  Demand is surging, but competition is still low.Best of all, this is one of the few industries you can easily enter without specialized knowledge, training, equipment, or the expense of a retail location.

Simply put, at just $799/ month for 4 months, the Complete Concierge Business Package is the fastest, easiest, safest, and most affordable way to launch your own successful business. 

This package gives you the opportunity to earn the income you deserve while doing what you enjoy.

Our team will be there holding your hand each step along the way. Get started changing your life today!