What To Do When Someone Complains About Your Concierge Business

Do enough business and it’s only a matter of time before someone gives you a negative review online.

On many rating sites, commenters can remain anonymous which only encourages some people to be particularly negative. Comments on most sites are almost always arranged with the most recent comments first. Most public relations experts advise against responding to negative comments on complaint boards. The theory is any comment you make defending your company will only inspire the complainer to continue posting, and probably even more stridently.

If the complaint shows up on your blog, your Facebook page, or on your Twitter page there are a number of ways you can handle it since this is your turf. You can always just delete the comment, but I think that’s shortsighted. You can use the comment to respond in a deliberate, considerate way that demonstrates your commitment to good customer service. In a short post respond that you want to resolve the situation as soon as possible, and let the complainer know you’ll be contacting them. Then…most importantly…follow through. After you’ve corrected the problem you can even ask them to revise their message, remove it, or post about how you’ve rectified the situation.

It’s important to remember that if people are continually griping about your business, your employees, or an aspect of your service, they probably have a valid complaint. Consider all complaints seriously and take corrective action as soon as possible.