The Easiest Way To Set Your Concierge Business Apart From The Competition


If you really want your concierge business to stand out and be unique, make a     commitment to providing the best customer service you can every day with every customer.

Unlike your business model and the prices you charge, great service can never be copied. In St. Louis, my city, a quick Google search for “St. Louis personal concierge” brings up six companies including mine. (I quit counting after page 1) The services we are all offering are similar. The prices we all charge are in the same ballpark. Still, I’m not all frenzied about my competition. My commitment is for my company to provide the absolute best customer service possible from the first contact through our most recent job for a regular customer. That is our differentiating point.

Sure, I’m thrilled we’re #1 in the Google rankings and I keep an eye on the competition but I keep a closer eye on my own business and how we accomplish things for our customers.

  • Are we on time?
  • Are we dressed professionally?
  • Do we return phone calls and emails within one hour?
  • Are our vehicles spotless inside and out?
  • Are our marketing materials polished?
  • Do we follow up with our customers to ask if they’re satisfied?
  • Are we problem solvers?
  • Do we go an extra step on every job we perform?

When people stay at a hotel it’s really just a bed in a room, but some people are willing to pay The Ritz-Carlton hundreds per night for the exemplary service they provide. Why? Because it’s service they won’t receive any place else.

Take it down a notch. When you go to McDonald’s for a cheeseburger you know the service will be fast, the meal will be hot, the tables will be clean. It’s that great customer experience that keeps millions and millions of people going back—not just the taste of the cheeseburger or the price.

According to Dan Kennedy, one of the go-to guys on small business marketing, less than 10% of buyers make purchases on price alone. Instead, he says the majority of people are buying benefits and one of those benefits is customer service.

What will keep customers coming back to you month after month? A commitment to quality and customer service. It’s eight times more expensive to find a new customer than to keep one, so it’s only smart business to do everything possible to keep your existing customers happy.

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