Dressing Appropriately When You’re Starting A Concierge Business

How do you dress when you’re the owner of a concierge business when your day may take you from a boardroom to a shipping company to a networking event and any number of places in between? Donna Gamache, a noted image strategist, has some great tips for us:

5 Mistakes Women Make About Their Wardrobe &

How to Overcome Them 

by Donna Gamache

Any time there is a change in season, the topic of wardrobe and closet comes up. Based on my experiences, there are five mistakes most women make when it comes to the clothes they choose and wear.

  1. Not wearing clothes that fit your personal style and business lifestyle. Think about who you are and what you do when choosing your wardrobe pieces. They should reflect you and your industry.
  2. Not having the right fit. Don’t think of alterations as a luxury, they are a necessity. Correct fitting clothes keep you looking terrific. Ill-fitting clothes just make you look frumpy and like you don’t care.
  3. Buying clothes that are on sale that really don’t work for you. If that sale item is not in your personal style, it is not a bargain. This is exactly the reason I see so many clothes hanging in client’s closets with the tags still on them.
  4. Choosing colors that don’t work with your skin tones. You want to make sure the clothes you wear up next to your face bring out the best in your complexion. If it makes you look tired, it’s not the right color for you
  5. This is something that happens to all of us at one time or another, you get stuck in a rut. Yes a rut. We get frustrated shopping and just buy the same styles all the time in the same colors we always buy (anyone thinking black?). We think what we have been wearing for the last 20 years still works for us. To elevate your appearance, you have to shake it up. Try something new and make sure it is in your personal style and color.

Knowing your personal style and what works best for you will help you feel more confident and in control of your life. Living your “Inside Out Style” creates an authenticity that others are drawn to and will help you present a more Powerful Business Presence.
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Donna Gamache, speaker, author and image strategist works with clients to help them create a Powerful Presence.  Donna combines her personal experiences as an image consultant, boutique owner, representative for 2 designer lines of clothing and the work she has done with executive men and women to help entrepreneurs and professionals define their personal style so they are authentic and magnetic to prospects and clients.  She has 2 published books and hosts the monthly Gamache Panache radio show