Concierge Business Manual

What will I get with the EBook?

  • A full hour consultation with our lead concierge business expert
  • Information on how to form your business legally, but in the most personally expedient manner
  • Locate start-up money and learn how to create a launch budget
  • Get the simple steps necessary to create the perfect website
  • Shift your social media vehicles like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest from simple client communications into revenue-builders
  • Turn your prospects into prosperity
  • Develop a referral machine that works for you
  • Commit to the 20 Essential Standards For Success
  • Learn the 10 steps to turning a `maybe’ into a `yes’
  • Get the key to pricing your services—and find out why you should never undercut your competitors
  • The Who, What, When, and Sometimes, Why of managing requests
  • Real-life responses for handling complaints, unhappy customers, and difficult people

Whether you’re just setting up shop or you’re a seasoned personal concierge, At Your Service: Shortcuts To Success As A Personal Concierge is a practical how-to guide giving you advice, tips, and insight on the best ways to expand your market and bring more $$$ to your bottom line.

Special bonus chapter!
Exclusive and only available in the eBook

99 valuable resources to make your job as a personal concierge easier and
keep your clients 100% satisfied!