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New Year check-list for your concierge business website

Nothing will build your concierge business as fast as a professional, searchable, well-designed website. In fact, you can expect this tool to pay for itself multiple times over every year. The new year is a great time to schedule an annual check-up of your website to make sure it’s giving you optimum performance. Here’s a […] read more

The Power of Deadlines To Keep Your Concierge Business On Track

Remember when you were in school and the first day of class your teacher handed out the syllabus for the semester? Right there in black and white she’d given you the due date for that semester’s big project. You had about 14 weeks from beginning to end. Maybe you were the type of student who […] read more

Want to Build Your Concierge Business? 6 Tips to Keep You Focused

          Wow! Here’s a scary statistic for you: 50% of Americans say they only work for 15 minutes before becoming distracted. Or…how ‘bout this one? 53% say they waste an hour or more of work time each day because of disruptions. It’s all too common for even the most dedicated and […] read more

What To Do When Someone Complains About Your Concierge Business

Do enough business and it’s only a matter of time before someone gives you a negative review online. On many rating sites, commenters can remain anonymous which only encourages some people to be particularly negative. Comments on most sites are almost always arranged with the most recent comments first. Most public relations experts advise against […] read more

Big Brother Is Watching Your Concierge Company–All The Time

The other day I had a surprisingly bad customer experience with a group that I know prides itself on going the extra mile to make people happy. It was so horrific I thought about flying off on Facebook to let everyone know how I’d been wronged. I didn’t, but it got me thinking about how […] read more

Dressing Appropriately When You’re Starting A Concierge Business

How do you dress when you’re the owner of a concierge business when your day may take you from a boardroom to a shipping company to a networking event and any number of places in between? Donna Gamache, a noted image strategist, has some great tips for us: 5 Mistakes Women Make About Their Wardrobe […] read more

The Easiest Way To Set Your Concierge Business Apart From The Competition

  If you really want your concierge business to stand out and be unique, make a     commitment to providing the best customer service you can every day with every customer. Unlike your business model and the prices you charge, great service can never be copied. In St. Louis, my city, a quick Google […] read more

Protect Your Concierge Business From Information Overload

Way back in 1970 author Alvin Toffler wrote about “information overload” in his book Future Shock. Toffler explained how having too much information can make it more difficult for a person to understand an issue or make a decision. Fast-forward forty+ years, and information overload is a way of life.   Too many e-mails, too […] read more

5 Must Reads For The New Concierge Business Owner

Owning your own small business requires a skill set not usually developed in school or even through experience. Here are 5 books I recommend for your reading list:   The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What To Do About It by Michael E. Gerber. This book tells you how to make […] read more

Building Your Concierge Business: Conquering The Fear Factor of Spending Money

A huge fear many of us face in our small businesses is a fear of spending money on our businesses. Face it, even after we start making a profit, it’s hard to let loose of those dollars on something that may or may not pay off. Unfortunately, this fear factor can be debilitating and put […] read more

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New Year check-list for your concierge business website

Nothing will build your concierge business as fast as a professional, searchable, well-designed website...

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