Build Your Concierge Business With A Newsletter That People Will Actually Read


  1. Treat the subject line of your newsletter like a headline and include a bite-sized piece of information that you expand in the body of your newsletter. Using the word “newsletter” in the subject is the kiss of death. Take a trip to your local drugstore’s magazine aisle and look at how the covers sell what’s inside.
  2. Use your own name—not just your company’s name—in the sender line. An email that isn’t sent by a real person automatically looks sketchy.
  3. Make it easy to unsubscribe. Yes, you want subscribers, but it’s important to make your “unsubscribe” button clear and accessible. Forcing someone to stay on your mailing list by making it hard for them to `opt out’ is spamming. Besides, why send someone a newsletter they’re not going to read anyway?
  4. Only add people to your newsletter list if they`opt in.’ If someone hasn’t specifically indicated they want to be on your newsletter list, don’t add their contact information. Every now and then I’ll send out a newsletter and have someone email me back and ask how we got his/her information. I’m always able to respond honestly that our mailing list is derived from 1) our customers, 2) contacts we’ve met at networking events who’ve said they’d like to get our newsletter, 3) people who sign up on our site. Regardless, I offer to remove them from our mailing list if they’d like. Don’t damage your reputation or embarrass yourself by bulking up your subscriber list without people’s permission. By the way, have a newsletter sign up form with you at every event you participate in.
  5. Make sure the format and images of your newsletter are top notch. Your layout should be attractive, with images breaking up large blocks of texts. [The Instant Concierge can set up a template for you with your company’s design elements that you can easily update and send out whenever you want.]
  6. As always—content rules. Only send out a newsletter if you actually have something unique to offer, announce, or promote. Don’t worry about writing like James Michener or Maya Angelou or a local news reporter. Your newsletter should sound like you. Always add a personal touch to your newsletter to make it sound genuine.